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After the snow season is over, take care of proper storage of winter things: tubing, sled stroller and snowracer.

How to store tubing

First of all, deflate the bag and take it out of the tubing. Both the cover and the tube should be cleaned with a soft cloth and dried completely. It is recommended to store them separately to avoid the apparition of dark stains on the cover. It is better to store the cover unfolded in a dark place away from sunlight at +2 ... +25ºC and 45-70% humidity. Try not to fold it repeatedly, so that there are no breaks on the sliding surface.

How to store sled stroller

At the end of the season all the blocks of the stroller should be cleaned of dirt, snow and salt deposits. To protect the wheels from deformation during storage, fold and lay the stroller on the skids or fold it and place it upright so that wheels do not touch the surface.

Please note that if the stroller is stored, on the balcony, the cover may burn out in the sun and lose its attractive appearance. Therefore, we recommend to store the it in a dark room at +2 ...+25°C and humidity 45-70%. The same conditions should be observed when storing sled.

If your stroller has inflatable wheels, you can keep them  on the frame, but be sure to observe the temperature regime. Otherwise, the expansion of air when heated can damage the wheels. 

How to store snowracer

Similarly, you should take care of the snowroller: after use, clean all blocks of dirt, snow and salt deposits. If it is equipped with a rope tape, the rope should also be dried. For this purpose, place the snowracer vertically and leave it for 1-1.5 days at room temperature. At the same time, check the tape every 5-7 hours.

Wipe the snowracer with a soft cloth and store it in a dry room at +2 ...+25°C and at 45-70% humidity. Avoid direct sunlight.

If you follow these simple storage rules, the winter things will please you and your children for several seasons!