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Choosing an ironing board is a very responsible task. Just imagine, if you iron your laundry at least a couple of times a week, the ironing board is used more than 100 times a year! We will give you some tips to choose a good one.

1. Heigh adjustment

Choose models with adjustable ironing board height. Correctly adjusted board allows to reduce spinal loads. The ironing board should be set at such a level that you feel comfortable ironing on it with straight back. For example, "Valencia 2" model allow to adjust board height to 1 meter. Ironing will be comfortable even for tall users.

2. Quality tabletop

The tabletop should be of lightweight but resistant material, for example, perforated metal. Tabletop holes prevent moisture from accumulating under the covering and provide  easier and faster smoothing of textile.

Another good option is a board with a heat-resistant plastic sheet. Thermoplastic reflects the steam and provide double-sided ironing effect. The main advantage of these boards is light weight, so even a fragile girl can easily take and unfold this model.

Tabletop size can be standard – about 110×35 cm or with an extended working surface. The first option is compact and easy to store, while the second is suitable for ironing large things (bed linen, curtains and tablecloths).

3. Covers with a heat-resistant coating

Probably, you have noticed that some covers are made of 100% cotton, and some have a slight metallic shine on the surface, when you were choosing your ironing board. This shine is attributed to a  heat-resistant coating like Teflon. The heat-resistant surface is excellent at reflecting steam and heat, that increases the quality and speed of ironing. The metal-coated cover is more resistant to temperature. Even if you leave the iron on the board for a few minutes, it will not burn the cover.

Nika's range of Teflon-coated covers comprises a variety of models: "Valencia 2", "Elsa de lux", HAUSHALT P, HAUSHALT P2, HAUSHALT XL and others.

Regardless of the cover material you choose, make sure there is a cushioning lining. A layer of felt or foam padding is a good option. The ironing surface should be spring and moderately soft.

4. Stability

Before buying, check that the structure does not loaf, creak, or skew to one side. A quality board stands firmly on the floor, does not move during ironing and does not creek when in use.

For extra stability, some ironing board models are equipped with adjustable supports on the frame. They provide a smooth installation even on uneven surfaces.

5. Iron stands

It is very useful and almost all ironing boards are equipped with one.  So-called Euro iron stands are especially suitable due to built-in electrical connector and wire holder. They also can hold a steam generator. Sometimes iron stands have holes to accommodate the hangers.

Left-handed people should choose models with double-sided design of iron stand, such as Nika Sport.

Pay attention to the silicone inserts on the stand that protect the iron from scratches and the stand from heat.

6. Iron wire bracket

This simple accessory prevents iron wire from getting tangled. This small detail makes the ironing much easier.

7. Sleeve board

A must-have if you often iron blouses and shirts. It can be removable, attached directly to the board and used directly on it, or portable. A portable one can be used anywhere you want, away from the board.

8. Laundry shelf

Laundry shelf allows to store ironed clothes without stopping the process, so you can put all the laundry to the closed after ironing.

9. Warranty period and operating time

If the manufacturer is sure in the quality of its products, it is safe to give a warranty on the product. So, we give 1 year warranty on all Nika ironing boards, but be sure, they will last you much longer!